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Brachioplasty and Upper Arm Liposuction

Brachioplasty is a procedure designed to remove excess upper arm skin and requires an incision that runs from the underarm area to the elbow. The scar is placed in the inner aspect of the upper arm to help conceal its presence. This is a great operation for more mature, fair-skinned patients as the skin is often thinner, and scars are more likely to be faint and minimally visible. In younger patients, this scar tends to widen, pigment, or even thicken – this means that younger patients should seriously consider if the scar is an acceptable trade-off for the improvement in upper arm contour.

In some patients, improvement in the upper arm contour can be accomplished with just liposuction alone. The better the upper arm skin tone a patient has the better the liposuction only result will be. Another option for patients can be a limited-incision brachioplasty. This is often a good option for patients where skin excess exists primarily in the upper half of the upper arms. As with all plastic surgery procedures, the approach to surgical rejuvenation of the upper arms must be carefully individualized to meet each patient’s specific circumstances and personal goals.