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Plastic Surgery Credentials

Surgery Center Staff

The staff of The Plastic Surgery Center consists of a Clinical Director (Registered Nurse), a preoperative and postoperative care specialist (Nurse Practitioner), circulating nurses (RNs who participate in the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care of surgical patients), certified surgical technicians (CSTs), a certified sterile processing technician (CSPT) and overnight observation nurses (RNs). Each of our staff members was hand-picked by Dr. Law.

An advantage of holding surgical privileges and working at several surgery centers in the Triangle area over a twelve-year period is the opportunity to work with a large number of surgical professionals, some of whom we have hired as TPSC staff members. Our primary Certified Surgical Technician, for example, worked with Dr. Law on a weekly basis for over four years at North Carolina Specialty Hospital.

All staff members participate in regular training sessions and drills on all aspects of surgery center operations including emergency protocols. All staff maintain Basic Life Support (BLS) certification and all nursing staff maintain Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification. Every staff member must meet and document the Continuing Education requirements for their particular degree or certification. And all participate in the continual evaluation and updating of our patient care Policies and Procedures.

We have assembled a team of warm and talented individuals who consider it their pleasure and privilege to provide the safest possible care for cosmetic surgery patients in this special environment. We have one operating room, so we provide surgical care one patient at a time. Our staff enjoys giving each patient the ‘celebrity treatment’ (including the ones that are), which includes their complete and undivided attention from the time each patient arrives to the time that they are discharged from The Plastic Surgery Center recovery area.