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Plastic Surgery Credentials

Board-certified MD Anesthesia Care

All major surgical procedures performed at The Plastic Surgery Center are conducted under anesthesia provided by an experienced, board-certified MD anesthesiologist. Your anesthesia MD will evaluate you prior to surgery, accompany you to the O.R., remain with you throughout the entire surgical procedure, and will then accompany you to the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (the PACU, aka the recovery room). Your anesthesia MD will remain on site until you have reached the point of recovery where continuous monitoring of vital signs is no longer required and you are close to being ready for discharge from The Plastic Surgery Center.

Our MD anesthesiologists are part of the Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic. Prior to the opening of The Plastic Surgery Center, surgical procedures were performed at hospital-based or hospital-affiliated surgery centers, including Rex Healthcare, WakeMed, Duke Raleigh Hospital and North Carolina Specialty Hospital. From the anesthesiologists practicing at these prominent hospitals, a particular group of especially qualified physicians was asked to provide anesthesia care for patients at The Plastic Surgery Center.

‘One on one’ MD anesthesia care, as in one anesthesiologist taking care of just one patient, rarely occurs in the inpatient hospital O.R. or ambulatory surgery center O.R. environment. In those settings, a CRNA (clinical registered nurse anesthetist) is usually the primary anesthesia care provider, and one anesthesiologist will supervise multiple CRNAs working in multiple operating rooms. In many office-based cosmetic surgery centers, a CRNA is the solo anesthesia care provider and there is no MD anesthesiologist on site.

At The Plastic Surgery Center you have the exclusive attention of a talented MD anesthesiologist who is experienced with office-based cosmetic plastic surgery. Our anesthesiologists are highly skilled at providing patients with both peace of mind and with an anesthesia experience that is as pleasant as possible. This includes doing our utmost to send patients home with a clear head, with little to no pain and without nausea and other potential post-anesthesia side effects.

Our decision to employ MD anesthesiologists as our anesthesia care providers is based on a simple question: what would you want ideally for your loved one if they were the patient? The answer in this instance is, of course, an MD anesthesiologist. You want the person with the most extensive and up-to-date training and experience. Period.

This is the question we asked ourselves when designing and equipping The Plastic Surgery Center, when interviewing and hiring our staff, when developing our policies and procedures. And that we continue to ask ourselves with every decision we make.